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Lapanto's Little Miracle

born : 03-07-2017

Father   : IC Dan-Queen Ejnar

Mother  : SC. Norforcats Take it All

A little miracle happend

Finaly after three years and six love affairs SC Norforecats Take it All (Alicia) gave birth to three kittens.

The first kitten was born on Sunday morning, Unfortunatly there was something wrong and it only lived for a few hours. Then the waiting started, but nothing happend. Monday morning again contacted the Vet and together we decedid that the best for Alicia was to have a C-section that afternoon. 

Fifteen minutes after the surgery started, the assistent came to us showing a beautiful little kitten. But also with the message that the third kitten was still born.

Alicia sufferd a lot from the surgery with much pain. We are happy for her that there is a little one but she cannot feed herself, therefore we have to bottle feed ourselves.

The kitten is a little fighter, so we hope for the best.

After ten weeks unfortunatly our little miracle lost her fight.
We had to make the hard decision to let her go.

Our little girl Mignon will always be in our Hearts💕

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