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On Sunday 13 november we visited the Felikat show in Rijswijk. Lapanto's Phaedra got two times CAC

and Dan-Queen Ejnar two times excellent 1.


The weekend of 29 and 30 of October we went to the World show in Vienna. We were very

pleased with the results.Lapanto's Gaia excellent 2 and Dan-Queen Ejnar excellent 2.

The showresults of the Mundikat show in Groningen 22 and 23 October 2016. 

Lapanto's Gaia CACIB and became International Champion, second day CAGCIB.

Dan-Queen Ejnar both days Excellent 1 and nomination for Best in show.


On september 11th we visted the Felikat show in Schiedam. Our girls did very well 

Lapanto's Gaia got CACIB and Lapanto's Paris CAC.

Our boy Dan-Queen Ejnar did very well for his first show as junior. Ex1-

Best in Variety and nomination for Best in show. 


We visited the summer show in Zandvliet from Felis Belgica. We had two lovely and

succesfull days. It was the first show of our boy Dan-Queen Ejnar,

both days excellent 1 and Best in Variety total.

Lapanto's Ajax had CACIB and became International Champion and the next day

CACGIB. Lapanto's Gaia got CAC and became Champion and BEST IN SHOW

second day CACIB and nomination for Best in show


Ratingen 4 and 5 June DEKZV show. Lapanto's Ajax both days CACIB

and Lapanto's Gaia both days excellent 


A very special month because we went to Danmark to get our new boy

Dan-Queen Ejnar.


On April 23rd the first North Sea Winner Show held by Felikat in Schiedam

We went with Lapanto's Ajax- CAC - Champion and

Lapanto's Gaia- excellent 2.



At the Eastern show in Nieuwegein of Mundikat two of our girls did for the first time in the CAC classe very well.

Lapanto's Gaia - both days CAC and on the first day nomination for Best in show. (it was a tie, which unfortunatly she lost)

Lapanto's Ajax - both days CAC



On Valentine's day we went to Uitgeest for the Mundikat show and the results

were more than perfect.

Our Lapanto's Gaia became BEST IN SHOW

Lapanto's Ajax - excellent 1 and nomination for Best in show

Lapanto's Paris - excellent 1 and Best in Variety


The year started very well at the Felikat show in Nieuw Vennep.

GIG Norforcats Take It All became Supreme Champion

Lapanto's Paris - excellent 1

Lapanto's Gaia - excellent 2 

Lapanto's Ajax - excellent 1 and Best in Variety total and nomination for Best in show


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