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On 23 and 24 of November we went to Belgium for the Felis Belgica show in Sint Truiden.

With the following results


GIC.NW Lapanto’s Gaia ex1 CACS+ NOM 

GIC.Dan-Queen Ejnar ex1 CACS lost biv from his daughter
Lapanto’s Carrera y Carrera ex1 BIV TOTAL
Lapanto’s Shirley Ballas ex1
Lapanto’s Dame Darcey Bussell ex2 lost from her sister


GIC.NW Lapanto’s Gaia ex1 CACS

GIC.Dan-Queen Ejnar ex1 CACS + BIV TOTAL 

Lapanto’s Carrera y Carrera ex1 lost biv from her father

Lapanto’s Shirley Ballas ex1 

Lapanto’s Dame Darcey Bussell ex2 lost from her sister

The 2nd and 3rd of November we were in Gorredijk for the Mundikat show.

IC Lapanto's Jaeger LeCoultre JW CAGCIB and CAGCIB-NOM Grand International Champion

D' Muffin's Amberle Ex2

Lapanto's Dame Darcey Bussell Ex1 and Ex1-NOM



This year the worldshow was held in Freiburg, Germany on the 26th and 27th of October.

IC Lapanto's Jaeger LeCoultre JW CAGCIB/BIVT

Lapanto's Shirley Ballas Ex2

IC Harley De Valaskjalf, Ex2

GIC Dan-Queen Ejnar CACS


The 1th of September we went to Oss for the Mundikat show.

D'Muffin's Amberle CAC

IC Lapanto's Jaeger LeCoultre JW CAGCIB - NOM BEST IN SHOW

Lapanto's Carrera y Carrera Ex1

The 7th and 8th of September we were in Germany- Haibach for HEC show

Lapanto's Carrera Y Carrera first day Ex1 - NOM and second day Ex1

Lapanto's Shirley Ballas both days EX1 -BIV

Lapanto's Dame Darcey Bussell both days EX2

Harley De Valaskjalf, 1x CAC and CACIB Champion

SC/IP Glitnir's High Hopes 1x CAPS and BEST IN SHOW Veteran

                                       CAPS/NOM BEST IN SHOW

The 15th of september was the Felikat show in Schiedam

Lapanto's Carrera Y Carrera Ex1-BIV and Ex1-BIV/NOM

Lapanto's Shirley Ballas 2x Ex2

Lapanto's Dame Darcey Bussell 2x Ex3

Lapanto's Arlene Philips 2x EX1 - BIV

The Stricly Come Dancing litter became  BEST IN SHOW

CH Harley De Valaskjalf, 2x CACIB International Champion


New pictures on our kittens pages



On the 2th of May our second litter was born

Father GIC Dan-Queen Ejnar and CH Lapanto's Phaedra,

Lapanto's Dame Darcey Bussell - girl n22 

Lapanto's Shirley Ballas, girl n22

Lapanto's Arlene Philips, girl n22

Lapanto's Alesha Dixon, girl a

see kitten page Strictly Come Dancing

The 19th of May we were in Noordwijkerhout for the Felikat show.

D'Muffin's Amberle 2x Excellent 1

SC/IP Glitnir's High Hopes 2x CAGPIB - Grand International Premior


New Pictures of the kittens(Jewelry Litter)


Sunday the 24th of March we visited the Felikatshow in Huizen,

a two certificate show

Harley De Valaskjalf, 2x CAC

D' Muffin's Amberle, Ex1 and Ex1 and nomination

SC/IP Glitnir's High Hopes 2x CAGPIB

And both times BEST IN SHOW Veteran

On the 20th of March Lapanto's Tiffany sadly past away

On the 8th of March our Jewelry litter was born.

Lapanto's Tiffany, girl n22, birth weight 111 gr.

Lapanto's Carrera Y Carrera, girl as 22, birth weight 154 gr.

Lapanto's Ole Lynggaard, boy ns 22, birth weight 140 gr.

Proud parents are GIC Dan-Queen Ejnar and NW GIC Lapanto's Gaia

(pictures on the kitten pages Jewelry litter)


The second  show of the year was a special one, we went to the North Sea Winner a Mundikat show in Uitgeest.

IP/SC Glitnir's High Hopes DVM CAGPIB

IC Lapanto's Jaeger LeCoultre JW, CAGIB.


The First show of the year was 12 and 13 January in Nieuw-Vennep a Felikat show.

IP/SC Glitnir's High Hopes DVM Ex1 CAGPIB/Nomination+Veteran Best in Show

and Ex1 CAGPIB/Nomination+Veteran Nomination

Muffin's Amberle, First day Ex1 and Second day Ex1 nomination.

Harley De Valaskjalf first day Ex1+Best in Variety+Nomiation and second day Ex1+Best in Variety.

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