The 5th of July we visted De Lier, a Felikat show. It was a perfect day both our girls became

Best in show GIC Lapanto's Paris- CAP and her sister NW GIC Lapanto's Gaia - CACS


On the 10th of March Muffins Amberle gave birth to six kittens the father is GIP Lapanto's Jaeger LeCoultre JW

(pictures on their own pages)



On the 29th and 1 March we went to Duffel the show of Felis Belgica.

NW GIC Lapanto's Gaia, CACS and CACS/NOM

Lapanto's Shirley Ballas both days Ex1

GIC Lapanto's Paris, after three years, now as female neuter CAP/NOM 

lost BIS from her mother and second day CAP lost nom from her Mother

GIP & SC Glitnir's High Hopes DVM both days CAPS/NOM Best in show - 

and also Best in show - veteran 


The 11th and 12th of January was the first show Felikat show in Beverwijk

NW GIC Lapanto's Gaia both days CACS

IC Harley De Valaskjalf CAGCIB/NOM and CAGCIB